We Make Sure That Your Systems Are Available

  • Real-Time Monitoring Of All Your Servers, Applications, Websites And More
  • Flexible And Reliable Alerts Sent To You Via Email, SMS or Web App
  • We Monitor 7 Different Categories Of Devices

Real-Time Monitoring Across 4 Key Areas

Key Benefits Of Astirion Cloud Monitor

Proactive Protection: Our aim is to ensure that your IT systems are available as and when you need them. We take this seriously as we understand the importance of IT to your businesses success.

Real-time Visibility: Our monitoring system provides you with real-time visibility to resource utilisation statistics so you can make informed decisions and proactively predict any impact on your applications.

Monitoring and Alerting: Get 'peace of mind' with our always-on monitoring and alerting. Around the clock monitoring helps improve staff productivity and assures you that your customers and team are not impacted by unnecessary outages.

Monitor Dashboard: You’ll have real-time access to vital information on one useful dashboard, as well as access to historical data, that can help predict your future needs.

Monitor Map

More Details

Astirion Cloud Monitor has 2 main components, the 'Core' server which is the central component of the Monitor service and a 'Remote' or 'Client' probe, which is specific for each client. In some cases, more than one 'Client' probe may be needed. The 'Client' probe is installed by our team to monitor your specific devices with a range of 'Sensors' that have been configured with the various rules that you require (e.g. check website shopping cart is available every 2 mins) and it sends the results of each poll, to the 'Core' probe. The 'Core' probe is then responsible for taking any necessary action as a result of the poll.

There are two (2) basic types of actions.
  • Do Nothing - everything is back to normal and as it should be so no action is required
  • Raise An Alert - tell someone something isn't working as expected

Depending on the alert needed, there are a number of notification methods available:

  • Send An Email
  • Send A Push Notification to Mobile App
  • Send An SMS Message
  • Execute A HTTP Action
  • Execute A Program
  • Assign A Ticket In Ticketing System

  • Astirion Cloud Monitor also provides Maps and Dashboards, In-Depth Reporting, and a Flexible User Interface.

    We group Devices into 7 standard categories:
    • Servers (Cloud & On-Premise)
    • Network Devices (Modems/Routers/Switches, etc.)
    • Client Devices (PC's/Laptops/Tablets/Mobiles)
    • Websites (External & Internal)
    • Applications
    • Databases
    • Printers & Peripherals
    We also have a Custom category for Non-Standard devices, such as medical equipment, manufacturing lines, refrigeration equipment, etc.
    A 'Sensor' is defined as one single aspect of a 'Device' that is monitored. Therefore, one sensor monitors for example:
    • a specific website or URL
    • the traffic of a network connection
    • a port of a switch
    • the CPU load on a machine
    • the time taken for one user's email to be delivered
    There are literally hundreds of sensors to choose from and we normally, estimate using between 5 and 10 sensors per device, but of course that depends on what exactly you want to monitor.
    For the technically-minded, there is a full list of 'Sensors' available in our Knowledgebase.

    These days any business would struggle without using social media and the internet and both have become something a small business owner has come to rely on. A small business with only 2 staff can benefit greatly from our Astirion Cloud Monitor service. Here is an example.

    Let's assume your business has the following:
    • Facebook & Twitter
    • ADSL or NBN Router
    • 1 x Business Website
    • 2 x email accounts
    • 2 x Cloud Drives
    • 1 x Web Application (Accounting System)

    To fully monitor the above environment would require 16 Monitor Sensors.

    Download our Small Business Sensor Guide from our Knowledgebase to see what kind of things we can monitor for you.

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